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Classic Composite Door Styles

Your door needs to look good, it's as simple as that. Our classic range of composite doors offers stunning aesthetics together with unparalleled security and exceptional durability.

Our Cape range is a traditional six-panelled design with crisp lines that creates a classic elegant look. The Cape 4 has an attractive glass design that flows between the panels allowing the light to flood in.

If you want your door to have decoratve glazing and maintain your privacy, The Cape 2 is a perfect choice.

The Bannockburn is a classic choice that offers a little bit more. The pleasing combination of glass shapes lets your front door be a focal point for the eye. When you need some element of privacy, the Bannockburn 1 or Bannockburn Georgian Bar are perfect choices.

The Altmore, Caradale and Gulmarn range offers an understated style. Choose the standard Altmore option for perfect simplicity or, if you want to add a twist, choose the Caradale or Gulmarn.

The Dovenby and Parama both let the light flood into your home. The simple lines are perfect when you want understated elegance

A new addition to our range is The Craftsman. A classic elegant look giving you some degree of privacy.

Cape Solid Composite Door
Cape Solid
Alnwick2 Composite Door
Cape 2
Cape 4 Composite Door
Cape 4
Bannockburn 1 Composite Door
Bannockburn 1
Bannockburn 3 Composite Door
Bannockburn 3
Bannockburn Georgian Bar Composite Door
Bannockburn Georgian Bar
Altmore Composite Door
Altmore Solid
Altmore Composite Door
Carradale Composite Door
Gulmarn Composite Door
Dovenby Composite Door
Parama Composite Door
Craftsman Composite Door